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About Me


On this page you will find out some things about me that you may not already know!

As you all might know, i'm into computers and like working on them. Yeah, I mostly just talk to ppl, but when i'm not busy working on my websites or something else. I like to play games on the internet also, the game I am playing most of the time is called Runescape. Some ppl don't like it, but I don't care what they think, I'll do what I want to do. I also play other games that aren't on the web, like The Sims Expasion Packs, I almost have all the packs. Another game I got is The Sims 2, similar to the other sims, but not quite. Theres many more options, more objects, and better graphics. When I play the sims I mostly just like to build houses and play the family's after, when I get bored of building houses, of course. Heres a game site you all should know,, awsome games, espeacialy if your a member. My favorite game on there is Rainy Day Spider Solitare. Anyways, when I'm not playing games I like to practice my computer skills. For now I beleive thats just about everything.